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Concrete polishing is an ideal choice for customers who want the best flooring choice for their business or home. Epoxy Outlaw offers exceptional service in concrete polishing, grinding, and the overlay process. 

Polishing concrete starts with concrete grinding where the floors require smoothness and gloss for an appealing look. Our grinding experts will handle this first step before preceding onto a floor installation. This new technique is becoming very popular among businesses and business and home owners alike! 

Being pioneers in concrete grinding and polishing, we offer various finishes to complete your new floor. Epoxy Outlaw provides flooring services that include state-of-the-art design and innovative techniques that also happen to be economically sound.

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Polished concrete floors have become quite the commodity in the industry today. We provide concrete grinding and polishing solutions for commercial and residential spaces, including kitchens, warehouses, and retail areas. Customers choose our services for polished concrete flooring for the following reasons:

  • Our polishing services withstand high traffic and do not fade, chip, or stain, which is what makes polished concrete so durable. 
  • The long-lasting, durable floors require less maintenance. 
  • When compared with other flooring options, the services we provide are affordable 
  • Regardless of the concrete floor’s condition, our polishing, and grinding services can make any floor sparkle. 
  • Our latest polishing and grinding techniques are designed to reflect light

We Help Protect Your Concrete Thanks to Our Concrete Sealer Application

Many residential and commercial customers want to rejuvenate their concrete floors and safeguard them from further damage. In these cases, be sure to give us a call because we specialize in concrete sealer application for floors. We use a high-quality sealer that prolongs the life of concrete floors and saves them from elements like chemicals, water, and seasonal changes. 

Take a look at the ample benefits off concrete sealer:

  • Concrete, when exposed to moisture, nurtures the growth of moss and molds. When it comes to repelling moisture off of the concrete floor, a sealer application does wonders. 
  • Sealers offer a shiny and bright look to driveways 
  • Driveways and paths are prone to frost heave and cracks. With concrete sealing, small holes are sealed, avoiding cracks (which helps your car in the end)
  • The garage, driveway, patio, and pool decks are sealed with a sealer to protect it from stains
  • Concrete sealing can help prolong the life of floors


A concrete coating is the ideal choice for businesses and residences. Apart from installing a concrete coating, we also offer a series of concrete coating colors and textures. Our contractors can work with you to create a design that will best match your concrete. We take into consideration the size of your space and, if you have a business, the products/services you offer to implement the ideal floor plan. 

We are known for our customer-friendly approach where we always include our clients in any decision making. To get started on your own flooring plan, give us a call today! 

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